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Here is a list of my presentations and publications.

Papers, Presentations and Other Stuff

Section Editor, Perception and Spatial Awareness, Game AI Pro 2, Ed. Steve Rabin, CRC Press. Forthcoming.

Artificial Intelligence in Video Games: A Love Story, COIDEV 2014, Lima, Peru [pptx][pdf]

AI Positioning and Spatial Evaluation: A Primer, GDC China 2014, Shanghai, China [pptx][pdf]

Third Eye Crime: Building a Stealth Game Around Occupancy Maps, proceedings of the Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) 2013 [abstract][presentation]

Section Editor, Agent Awareness and Knowledge Representation, Game AI Pro, Ed. Steve Rabin, CRC Press. September 2013. [Site][Amazon]

From the Behavior Up: When the AI is the Design, D. Isla, AI Summit, Game Developers Conference (GDC) 2013 [pptx]

Hey Indies: It's a Great Time to Build an Engine, D. Isla, Programming Track Keynote, SB Games 2011, Salvador, Brazil [pptx] [pdf]

Brain Surgery: Artificial Intelligence in Video Games, D. Isla, Video Games 101, Cambridge Science Festival 2011 [pptx]

Scripting and AI: Flirting with the Dark Side, D. Isla, AI Summit GDC 2011 [pptx]

Influence Maps: Positioning and Spatial Evaluation, D. Isla, AI Summit GDC 2011 [pptx]

Next-Gen Content Creation for Next-Gen AI 2, D. Isla, GameX Games and Media Expo 2009 [pptx]

Next-Gen Content Creation for Next-Gen AI, D. Isla, Invited talk, Foundations of Digital Games (FDG) 2009 [ppt]

Beyond Behavior: An Introduction to Knowledge Representation, D. Isla, P. Gorniak, AI Summit GDC 2009 [ppt]

Halo 3 Objective Trees: A Declarative Approach to Multi-agent Coordination, D. Isla, Invited talk, Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) 2008 [ppt]

Halo AI Retrospective: 8 Years of Work on 30 Seconds of Fun, D. Isla, Programming Keynote, Develop 2008 [ppt]

Transparent Decision-Making and AI Design, D. Isla, Seoul International Games Symposium (SIGS) 2008 [ppt]

The Two Faces of Video Game AI, New Paradigms in Using Computers (NPUC) IBM Almaden Research Center 2008 [ppt]

Building A Better Battle: The Halo 3 AI Objectives System, D. Isla, GDC 2008 [ppt]

Dude, Where's My Warthog: From Pathfinding to General Spatial Competence, D. Isla, Invited talk, Artificial Intelligence and Interactive Digital Entertainment (AIIDE) 2005 [ppt]

Handling Complexity in the Halo 2 AI, D. Isla, GDC 2005 [doc] [ppt]

The Halo 2 AI in 10 Minutes or Less, D. Isla, SD Forum 2004 [ppt]

"Low Level" Intelligence for "Low Level" Character Animation, D. Isla, B. Blumberg, Sketches and Applications, SIGGRAPH 2002 [pdf] [ppt]

Object Persistence for Synthetic Creatures, D. Isla, B. Blumberg, Autonomous Agents and Multi-agent Systems (AAMAS) 2002. Winner Best Student Paper Award. [pdf] [ppt]

New Challenges for Character-Based AI for Games, D. Isla, B. Blumberg, AAAI Symposium on AI and Interactive Entertainment 2002 [pdf]

A Layered Brain Architecture for Synthetic Creatures, D. Isla, R. Burke, M. Downie, B. Blumberg, International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence (IJCAI) 2001 [pdf]

CreatureSmarts: The Art and Architecture of a Virtual Brain, R. Burke, D. Isla, M. Downie, Y. Ivanov, B. Blumberg, GDC 2001 [pdf]



Probabilistic Target Tracking and Search Using Occupancy Maps, D. Isla, AI Game Programming Wisdom 3, Charles River Media 2006

Blackboard Techniques , D. Isla, B. Blumberg, AI Game Programming Wisdom, Charles River Media 2002


Data is Life.  Lecture on tools and data management. Northeastern University, Fall 2013. [pdf]

Finding the Fun. Lecture on game design iteration and tools. Northeastern University, Fall 2013 [pdf]

Behavior Trees. Northeastern University, Fall 2013 [pdf]

Intro to Behavior Trees. Boston University, Spring 2014 [pdf]


The Virtual Hippocampus: Spatial Common Sense for Synthetic Creatures, D. Isla, Masters Thesis, MIT Media Lab, August 2001 [pdf]